Dannmar has More Car Lift Accessories

You’ve already chosen the best car lift to use for hoisting vehicles. Did you know that you can team it up to match your specific shop’s needs by choosing the perfect blend of Dannmar’s car lift accessories? Benefits from added Dannmar options can include optimizing labor time, fine-tuning access to the vehicle for repairs, and providing added job capabilities.

As an example, Dannmar’s Tall-Height Adapter Pins are great for adapting the height of a two-post lift for difficult to reach lifting points on trucks, vans, or full size SUV frames. Frame Cradles Pads might be a welcome addition if your shop services a lot of large vehicles and trucks. This equates to less time spent racking a vehicle. Or take a look at the Dannmar Airline Kit that comes with adapter fittings to allow you to connect airlines to your rolling bridge jack air/hydraulic pumps.

Dannmar offers many other accessories and replacement parts, from rubber lift pads and blocks to two-post lift pad assemblies and more. Not only can these help you use your time more efficiently, but these can also add up to higher profits and a smoother running shop. And a smoother running shop can equate to a happier working staff.

LiteStix LS36SMD Rechargeable Work Lift - BendPak


Versatile LED Portable Work Light
Dannmar two-post lift frame cradle pads set

Frame Cradle Pads

Frame Cradle Pads / 35 mm Pin / Set of 4
Dannmar round lift pads for two-post lifts

Lift Assembly Pads

Round Lift Pads / 35 mm Pin / Set of 4
Dannmar steel lift pads set for two-post lifts

Steel Lift Pads

Steel Lift Pads / 35 mm Pin / Set of 4
WSA-100 air/electric workstation fits Dannmar two-post and four-post lifts


Air-Electric Work Station / Fits Two-Post and Four-Post Lifts
Set of two Dannmar deluxe turnplates

Turnplate Set

Alignment Lift Turnplates / Set of Two
Dannmar four-post lift airline kit

Airline Kit

Airline Kit / Fits Dannmar 4-Post Lifts
Dannmar tall adapters pins for two-post lifts

Tall Adapter Pins

5.5” Tall Stackable Adapters / 35 mm Pin / Set of 4
Dannmar medium adapter pins for two-post lifts

Medium Adapter Pins

2.75” Medium Stackable Adapters / 35 mm Pin / Set of 4
Dannmar low adapters for two-post lifts

Low Adapter Pins

2” Low Stackable Adapters / 35 mm Pin / Set of 4
Dannmar plastic drip trays set

Plastic Drip Trays

Plastic Drip Trays / Fits D4-9 and D4-9X Only / Set of 2
DP-30 rolling oil drain for four-post lifts

DP-30 Rolling Oil Drain

15-Gallon Rolling Oil Drain Pan for 4-Post Lifts / Adjustable Width
Dannmar JP45 Jack Tray for four-post lifts


4,500-lb. Capacity Telescoping Jack Tray for 4-Post Lifts / Adjustable
Dannmar LR-4A Arm Kit fits DLR-6 and DLR-6P low-rise car lifts

LR-4A Arm Kit

LR-4A Arm Kit fits DLR-6 and DLR-6P
Dannmar DJ-4500 Specialty Adapter Kit

DJ-4500 Specialty Adapter Kit

Includes two sliding pads and two sliding receivers
Offset Pad Adapter

Offset Pad Adapter

Offset Pad Adapters / 35 mm Pin / Set of 4
Dannmar replacement round rubber pads

Round Pads

Replacment Pads / Round / Set of 4