Rolling Bridge Jacks

Dannmar’s 4-Post Rolling-Bridge-Jack

Dannmar’s 4-Post Rolling Bridge Jack gives your existing four-post lift with runways added uses. Each one of the rolling bridge jacks can be positioned under either end of the chassis to raise the vehicle up and off of the lift’s runway. By doing this, tires can be replaced, brake jobs performed, or any other service procedure that requires the vehicle not resting on its own weight. With a rolling bridge jack at each end of the vehicle, the entire vehicle can be elevated up and off of the runway, thus leaving each wheel free with no runway contact.

Dannmar’s rolling bridge jacks are plenty strong too. With a lifting capacity that ranges from 4,500 lbs. or 6,000 lbs. for each jack, pretty much anything can be raised off of the runways of your four-post lift.

Dannmar Rolling Bridge Jacks are listed above, each with its own hefty lifting capacity. We’re sure there’s one that will serve your needs. Remember, in order to raise the vehicle at all four wheels, you’ll need to select two of the same rolling bridge jacks to place at each end of the vehicle’s undercarriage.

DJ-4500 rolling bridge jack


4,500-lbs. Capacity Rolling Bridge Jack
Dannmar DJ-6000 rolling bridge jacks


6,000-lbs. Capacity Rolling Bridge Jack