Specialty Lifts

Dannmar’s Low-Rise and Mid-Rise Scissor Lifts

Dannmar’s series of low-rise lifts and mid-rise lifts are designed to give you plenty of access for tire, brake, and quick-repairs while utilizing shop floor space more efficiently. The scissor car lift is an alternative solution to areas that require less overhead height. And Dannmar’s series of low-to-mid rise scissor lifts are relatively simple to install and are ideal for shops and enthusiasts looking for a safe and quick way to raise a vehicle for everyday maintenance and minor repairs. Many specialty lifts permit full access to vehicle undercarriages, while others are primarily made for wheel service, suspension work and auto detailing.

Some Dannmar low-rise lifts and mid-rise lifts are also portable, making it easy to move your car lift around the shop or use in multiple bays. They also feature a 6,000 lbs. lifting capacity, useful designs, and available with several convenient options. For shops that need a lift to raise vehicles over an in-ground service pit, Dannmar low-rise scissor lifts are a great and cost-effective tool that allows techs to work while standing in low-ceiling areas. Instead of hoping that a floor jack and jacks stands will be safe, check out Dannmar’s specialty lifts.

Dannmar DLR-6 low-rise car lift


6,000-lbs. Capacity Low-Rise Lift


Was $2,723.00
Dannmar DLR-6P portable low-rise car lift


6,000-lbs. Capacity Low-Rise Lift / Portable
Dannmar DMR-6 mid-rise car lift


6,000-lbs. Capacity Mid-Rise Lift / Portable