Car Lifts

From the Ground Up, The World’s Best Car Lifts

Dannmar’s car lifts deliver quality you can rely on. But it all starts with surpassing your expectations. Like you, we know that when you put a vehicle up in the air, there are a few things you count on right away. First are safety, quality, and vehicle access. Dannmar easily delivers on all three of these. Our design and manufacturing process is based on an effort to have all of our automotive lifts ANSI/ALI certified. Dannmar’s lifts are built from a history of carefully exceeding the needs of the vehicle repair industry for over 50 years and most importantly always looking for what’s next. This means continuously refining current designs to meet the latest certification standards and up to the minute needs of today’s vehicles and service requirements. Best of all, Dannmar’s lifts are always designed to help your shop run as smoothly as possible.

Dannmar car lifts

At Dannmar We Thrive on Being Your Problem Solver

Dannmar solves problems by making the right lift for your needs. As a matter of fact, with the many configurations, capacities, and prices of all of our lifts, we’re certain we make a lift to specifically answer your shop’s demands. This includes features like extended, single-piece column components, chain-over drive systems, direct-drive and easy-to-use controls, all built into a lift that has a footprint to work within your shop’s confines. Plus, durability and efficiency is built into each of our lifts. With Dannmar, you can rest assured that our lifts will provide safer and durable service for years to come at a value-based price.