Four-Post Lifts

Dannmar’s Four-Post Lifts-There’s Room at the Top

Dannmar’s line of four-post lifts can help you easily organize and make more room in your shop or home garage. And if needed, the four-post lift makes a handy place to perform many types of vehicle repairs and maintenance. Plus, Dannmar offers a multitude of car lift accessories and rolling-bridge jacks, to make your on-lift vehicle repairs easier to manage.

Dannmar lifts also feature advanced hydraulic systems for better productivity and a longer lifespan. Lift capacity ranges from light-duty 9,000 lbs. to heavy-duty 12,000 lbs. If it drives (or is even towed) one of our four-post lifts can probably handle it. Many of the Dannmar four-post lift models let you choose between several options based on your needs. This is even true when used for the most demanding, heavy-duty applications. With a Dannmar four-post lift you can simply place your second car above, and the other car can be parked underneath. With the same square footage, you can double your car-parking capacity.

Since Dannmar uses the finest design, material and technology on their lifts you can rest assured that the equipment you choose will provide years of trouble-free service. Dannmar car lifts are easy to use and also have the best features in the industry, including multi-position safety locks. With a Dannmar four-post lift in your shop or garage, you will find your space problem solved.

D4-9 four-post lift package includes caster kit, drip trays, and aluminum ramps

D4-9 Package

9,000-lbs. Capacity Four-Post Lift / Standard Rise, Standard Length / Includes Caster Kit, Drip Trays, and Aluminum Ramps


Was $6,113.00
Dannmar D4-9X high-rise, extended length four-post lift

D4-9X Package

9,000-lbs. Capacity Four-Post Lift / High Rise, Extended Length / Includes Caster Kit, Drip Trays, and Aluminum Ramps


Was $6,401.00
Dannmar D4-12 Four-Post Lift


12,000-lbs. Capacity Four-Post Lift


Was $6,558.00
Dannmar D4-12A Four-Post Alignment Lift


12,000-lbs. Capacity Alignment Four-Post Lift / Includes Slip Plates and Turnplates


Was $8,105.00