Air-Electric Work Station / Fits Two-Post and Four-Post Lifts
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WSA-100 Work Station

Fits Two-Post and Four-Post Lifts

Dannmar’s industrial-grade WSA-100 utility station places air and electric sources where you need it, right on your two-post or four-post lift. When you have a vehicle on the lift, your hours count. With Dannmar’s Air/Electric Station you have your own source of air and electric and don’t need to be concerned with running an air hose or power cord through another bay-or worse yet waiting for someone else to stop using it. This is a must-have addition to any automotive lift in the shop or garage.

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Dannmar’s WSA-100 workstation turns your lift into a one-stop work center. While working in your service bay, you constantly need access to air and power. Dannmar’s handy air-electric workstation puts four electrical outlets and two specialized air service outlets, both in a quick-access location. The four electrical outlets are 110V, with 20 amp industrial GFI protection. The air service, includes a pressure gauge and is equipped with two air outlets. And with a high-quality installed filtration system, contaminated air cannot get through.

Large hooks ensure that your electrical cords can be wrapped neatly up and out of the way and can also be used for storage. Easy to install, and built with industrial-grade technology, the WSA-100 Air/Electric Station is a powerful accessory. Dannmar’s WSA-100 air/electric workstation adds a higher level of efficiency to your car lift.


  • Installs to most two-post and four-post lifts
  • Four electrical outlets equipped with 20 amp industrial GFI protection
  • Electrical outlets positioned above the air service to prevent moisture damage and cord tangling
  • Air service through 2 outlets: one for tire inflation and one for pneumatic tools
  • Air service filter element and lubricator filler port are easily accessible
  • Nickel-plated ball valve shutoff
  • Powder-coated finish for durability and long life
  • Oiler
  • Pressure gauge
  • Storage hooks for hose and tools
  • Regulator/filter
  • Air inlet


Fits Two-Post and Four-Post Lifts
SKU# 5210438
Work Station Width 7” (177 mm)
Work Station Height 13” (330 mm)
Overall Height (w/ Hangers) 17.5” (446 mm)

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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