Customize Your Wheel Service Equipment

Your shop and the types of vehicles that you and your techs service have their own unique uses and applications. In other words, the types of vehicles and the tires they ride on are often different depending on the area you serve. If you’re in Rapid City, South Dakota your customers might drive 3/4-ton diesel pickups that need to make it through deep snow much of the year. Or if you’re in Southern California, many of your customers drive smaller front-wheel-drive commuter vehicles used through heavy traffic.

As vehicles and their uses vary, so do the accessories for wheel service equipment needed to outfit your tire shop. Dannmar has the wheel service accessories for your tire changers and wheel balancers that will tune your tire shop so it performs at its best. These accessories can help you perform your day-to-day jobs more efficiently, with better result, and in less time. Whether you work in a professional shop or just need the right equipment for a smaller garage, check out Dannmar and find all the wheel service accessories you need for the types of vehicles that you service.

Dannmar truck cone kit for wheel balancers

Truck Cone Kit

Balancer Truck Cone Spacer Kit / Fits 36 mm shaft
Dannmar tire iron for tire changers

Tire Iron

Tire Iron / Bead Lifting Tool
Wheel protection kit for Dannmar tire changers

Wheel Protection Kit

Includes 6 head Inserts, 4 Clamp Covers, and 2 Blade Covers / Fits DT-50 and DT-50A
Dannmar hardened steel flange used with plastic tool head

Plastic Tool Head Flange

Plastic Tool Head Mounting Flange / Fits Plastic Tool Head
Plastic Tool Head for Dannmar Tire Changers

Plastic Tool Head

Plastic Tool Head / Flange Style (Requires Mounting Flange)
Motorcycle/ATV steel tool head for Dannmar tire changers

Motorcycle-ATV Tool Head

Motorcycle-ATV Steel Tool Head / Fits DT-50 and DT-50A
Wheel balancer motorcycle wheel shaft kit

Balancer Motorcycle Shaft Kit

Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Clamp with Shaft Kit Felt Pad / Fits DB-70 and MB-240X
Dannmar elevated ATV and motorcycle wheel clamps for tire changers

ATV Wheel Clamps

Elevated ATV Tire Changer Wheel Clamps / Set of 4 / Fits DT-50 and 50AT
Elevated Wheel Clamps

Elevated Wheel Clamps

Elevated Tire Changer Extension Wheel Clamps / Set of 4 / Fits DT-50 and 50AT
Dannmar MB-240X optional mounting stand

Stand for MB-240X

Mounting Stand / Includes Hardware / Fits MB-240X