DJ-4500 Specialty Adapter Kit

Includes two sliding pads and two sliding receivers
SKU 5210367

DJ-4500 Adapter Kit

Includes two sliding pads and two sliding receivers

Putting a modified truck on a four-post lift? Having versatile lifting pad options when you need to lift many trucks makes the difference between keeping a repair job moving or getting stuck with a challenge. Dannmar’s Truck Adapter Kit for the DJ-4500 Rolling Bridge Jack is comprised of 2 Sliding Pads and 2 Sliding Receivers. With this optional kit you should be able to quickly allow your Dannmar DJ-4500 rolling bridge jack to land squarely on the frame lifting points of vehicles from modified to stock. DJ-4500 bridge jack sold separately.

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Many of today’s trucks and off-road vehicles are equipped with various suspension and/or wheel upgrades that are uniquely equipped to handle all types of terrain. Consequently, the frame and chassis these vehicles have often has obstructing equipment or heights that present a special lifting problem.

Dannmar’s optional Specialty Adapter Kit fits onto the DJ-4500 bridge jack (sold separately) and can solve that problem. Dannmar’s adapter kit accommodates the standard DJ-4500 lift pads and/or stackable adapters with two low-profile sliding rubber contact pads and two sliding receivers. The easy-slide design allows you to position each contact pad to the vehicle’s best lifting points. With the ability to utilize sliding receivers, Dannmar also gives you added adaptability by allowing adapters to be stacked.

Dannmar’s low-profile contact pads have rugged, polyurethane Tuf-Pad covering, which insulates the lifting area on the frame from harm. These pads also give the lift an improved grip to keep it from shifting during hectic vehicle repairs. With Dannmar’s four‐piece adapter set, you can increase the service capability of the DJ-4500 rolling bridge jack by providing sliding adapters that mount on the main center tube.


  • Fits Dannmar DJ-4500 bridge jacks
  • Optional Adapter Kit/Includes (2) Sliding Pads and (2) Sliding Receivers
  • Stackable
  • Thick rubber pad construction
  • Textured surface for extra grip
  • Rubber contact pads are frame-surface friendly
  • Installs easily with slide-on design
  • Wide 5” diameter pad for reliable stability


Fits DJ-4500
SKU# 5210367
Lift Pad Diameter 5” (127 mm)
Slider Dimensions 5” (127 mm) x 5.5” (140 mm)
Extension Height 3” (76 mm)

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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