Wheel Protection Kit

Includes 6 head Inserts, 4 Clamp Covers, and 2 Blade Covers / Fits DT-50 and DT-50A
SKU 5150590

Wheel Protection Kit

Fits DT-50 and DT-50A

Busting tires on custom or exotic rims? With Dannmar’s Wheel Protection kit there’s no need to worry about harming rims. Dannmar’s wheel protection kit covers the exposed metal parts of the tire changer such as the bead breaker blade and more. All of this gives your customers’ wheels ultimate protection during tire changes, and that most importantly protects your shop.

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You make money selling tires, not putting out fires. Dannmar’s wheel protection kit offers more ways to save those wheels from harm while tires are being changed and helps your day run smoother. If you often work on exotic alloy or custom wheels, then consider this optional wheel protection kit to minimize the risk of inflicting or damaging metal-to-metal contact to those rims, while removing tires.


  • 3 roller replacement inserts
  • 3 duck head underside slides
  • 4 turntable clamp covers
  • 2 bead breaker blade covers

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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