Truck Cone Kit

Balancer Truck Cone Spacer Kit / Fits 36 mm shaft
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Truck Cone Kit

Fits DB-70 and MB-240X

Smooth sailing is what your customers want. Balancing medium to heavy-duty truck wheels with their larger wheel hub openings can sometimes be challenging. But with Dannmar’s double-sided centering cone kit that locates and secures these wheels onto the balancer’s axis, you can balance truck wheels the first time. Dannmar’s double-sided centering cone kit secures popular hub sizes from 4.75” – 6.75” onto the balancer’s axis shaft. The Wheel Balancer Truck Cone/Spacer Kit Set/ fits 36 mm balancer shafts. This also reduces setup time.

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Setup and balance to zero the first time. Dannmar’s truck cone and backing plate kit fits most medium and heavy-duty truck wheels. This provides tightly secured wheel attachments and accurate centering for most OEM as well as aftermarket wheel applications onto the wheel balancer. Dannmar’s rugged Truck Cone Kit consists of one large truck cone and one aluminum backing plate spacer. The double-sided centering cone fits wheel hub sizes 4.75” – 6.75” and Dannmar wheel balancers with 36 mm shaft. With this well-engineered kit, you can keep moving and not have to search the shop for a combination of cones to setup truck wheels on the balancer. Save time and achieve a zero balance right from the start, on all wheels.


  • Double-sided centering cone fits truck wheel hub sizes 4.75” – 6.75”
  • Fits the majority of medium and heavy duty truck wheels
  • Features accurate centering and fitment coverage for OE and aftermarket applications
  • Fits Dannmar Wheel Balancers with 36 mm shaft

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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