Elevated Wheel Clamps

Elevated Tire Changer Extension Wheel Clamps / Set of 4 / Fits DT-50 and 50AT
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Elevated Clamps

Fits DT-50 or DT-50A

With your Dannmar DT-50 or DT-50A tire changer and Dannmar’s Elevated Tire Changer Extension Wheel Clamps you can change ATV and motorcycle tires easily. This all works with elevated expansion clamps that include four adapters that fit over the standard tire changer jaws to accommodate motorcycle and ATV wheels. Thus increasing the maximum wheel diameter range an additional four inches.

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Dannmar’s complete ATV/motorcycle adapter kit increases the clamping capability of the DT-50/50A tire changer. The Elevated Tire Changer Extension Wheel Clamps are installed over the existing turntable clamping jaws to increase the total external clamping range. The raised height of the motorcycle adapter kit allows motorcycle and ATV wheels to be raised above the solid rim clamp turntable. These clamps feature heavy-steel construction with plastic covered wheel grips to prevent damage to high-end wheels, an anodized finish and quick-release, spring-loaded locking pins that keep clamps secured safely to the cable. Dannmar’s full line of wheel equipment makes your job go easier, while achieving better results.


  • Set of four clamp adapters for use on Dannmar DT-50 and DT-50A tire changer
  • Perfect for motorcycle and ATV wheels
  • Increases external wheel clamping capacity 4”
  • Heavy-steel construction
  • Anodized finish
  • Quick-release, spring-loaded locking pin keeps clamps secured safely to table

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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