Tire Iron

Tire Iron / Bead Lifting Tool
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Tire Iron

Fits DT-50 and DT-50A

With a Dannmar tire iron, you can take an active role in the mount and dismount process while letting your Dannmar tire machine do most of the work. This tire iron’s proven leverage design with two versatile ends, paired up with a Dannmar tire changer, helps leverage a broken-tire bead to mount or dismount from a rim’s seating area quickly and easily.

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Today’s modern, hi-tech tire equipment and tools, are timesavers and help everyone get the job done better. But there is still a need for the basics like tire irons to team up with modern tire machines to help along the way.

A Dannmar tire iron is one of those tools that effortlessly helps mount and dismount tires with your shop’s tire machine. And each Dannmar tire changer provides storage space on the tire changer to hold the tire iron so it’s not easily misplaced.


  • Well-designed ends to hook access between tire bead and rim
  • Proper length for optimal leverage advantage
  • Strong and well-balanced tire iron
  • Cold-forged steel
  • Sold individually

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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