Dannmar—What gives?

I heard some good things about Dannmar, then some not-so-good things, and lately some really good things. What’s that all about?

Although the past owners of Dannmar had good intentions, they might have dropped the ball at times, primarily in the last few years of their presence in the market. All along, Dannmar equipment was excellently designed (considering most were BendPak copies), but after-sale support sometimes suffered which ultimately lead to some less-than great reviews.

Trying to compete in this business is tough enough with competing margins and then the 2020 Covid pandemic happened. That combined with other market changes and the past owners of Dannmar found circumstances that led to underfunding and with little direction. Eventually the past owners threw in the towel. Lucky for you, BendPak grabbed this opportunity to expand our product offerings and pick up an equipment brand that already had a pretty good start. BendPak acquired the Dannmar assets in April of 2020.

Like a show tune remake, “Anything they can do, we can do better”, BendPak’s newly rebirthed Dannmar will surely establish itself as yet another global leader under the new stewardship and of course with BendPak quality. With all BendPak divisions, we view every interaction with customers as an opportunity to grow their confidence in our brands. Everything we do is aligned with your expectations, because after all, the heart of our business is you.

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