Plastic Tool Head

Plastic Tool Head / Flange Style (Requires Mounting Flange)
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Plastic Tool Head

Requires Mounting Flange

Your customer’s alloy wheels look great, and it’s important to keep them unblemished when tires are being replaced. Stay ahead of the game with Dannmar’s Plastic Tool Head accessory that’s friendly to exotic or custom wheels. Dannmar’s rugged plastic construction is designed to not harm wheels and rapidly installs tires that are mounted on a tire changer. Dannmar’s Plastic Tool Head accessory easily fastens to the Mounting Flange accessory. Both accessories are required to use with each other.

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With Dannmar’s accessory Plastic Tool Head’s non-marring plastic body, the risk of damaging wheels is not likely. This is because there is no metal-on-metal contact, while the wheel is on the tire changer. With the tool head’s robust construction it should last for years to come. This tool is designed to ensure safe use on most all wheel and tire combinations. Dannmar’s Plastic Tool Head easily fastens to the required Mounting Flange accessory.

When purchasing the plastic tool head, note that the required Mounting Flange (made of hardened steel) is sold separately and is needed to use correctly with the Plastic Tool Head. Protect your customer's expensive alloy wheels from damage and ensure a successful mounting procedure with the Plastic Tool Head and Mounting Flange tire changer accessory.

Handle the largest or most exotic wheels confidently and spend more time running your business, and not monitoring every tire change that goes through your shop.


  • Designed to work with most modern wheels
  • Helps protect hi-end alloy wheels
  • Hardened plastic
  • Includes all mounting hardware
  • Must use with Mounting Flange adapter (Sold separately)

WARNING: California's Proposition 65

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