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Tom Krumrei- 12/12/13
Thanks guys for a great reliable and affordable lift.. I suggest this model to everyone... Best money can buy.
That was a few years ago.. It's came along way since then... That lift is definitely my best investment in my shop.. Hands down.

Rod Angove - 9/27/13
I had purchased a Maxjax lift from Costco.ca and had an issue with a hydraulic cylinder leaking immediately. I e-mailed Dannmar and a rep phoned me back last Monday am. He told me he would send me out a new hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder arrived the following Friday. Absolutely great service. Much appreciated.

Denny B. - 6/17/13
got my maxjax it works great should have done this sooner but I have more height in my little shop. thanks denny b.

Patrick Miller - 1/22/13
Purchased Dannmar 7000 Lift From Northern Tool In Blaine, MN. Great care went into building the crate and shipping the lift. Great product, great instructions, and took 7 hours to build with never doing it before. I have 11' ceiling height so the lift worked perfectly.
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my58 from the GarageJournal - 12/10/12
I have no clue how I lived before my 4 post. I like everything about it. I am very happy with my Dannmar and would reccomend it and Garage Equipment supply at www.gesusa.com

James P. - 10/12/12
The MaxJax is a very good machine and I am glad there's finally a lift that can fit in my garage! Gabe was great to deal with when technical problems came up!

Bill W. - 8/6/12
I received my hydraulic cylinder today after I discovered it went missing in the shipping process. I talked with Gabe and he took care of my issues very quickly. The product installed and functioned flawlessly. It lifts my Corvette with ease. Thank you for such a good product and excellent support.

Ron P. - 7/18/12
I received my "D7" lift this month and can only think of one problem - I should have ordered it sooner. I love this thing! Super easy to operate, easy maintenance, and it took an installer just over 3 hours to install it. My customer support person couldn't have been nicer and more patient with all the per-purchase inquiries I had before finally commiting to purchase. End result is, I am completely satisfied and can recommend this product without reservation.

Jeff G. - 5/10/12
I recently bought  the Max Jax Lift at SEMA. I have been putting off buying one for about 3 years. I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I have a small garage and this lift is just the right size. There is a lot of quality at a reasonable price

Kevin P. - 3/3/12
I've always wanted a lift, but never had the room to put one in. When I found this one, you better believe I hopped right on it. It's perfect for my applications. Way better than a scissor style lift, the 2-post style gives much better under-car clearance. Arrived quickly, easy install, all the parts were there, and went up perfectly after bleeding the hydraulics. 

Kevin L. - 1/9/12
Received this lift last year and I've been using it at least twice a week since then. The lift is well-built and easy to put together. I've never had to replace anything on this baby. It's perfect for my garage, I would recommend this tool to anyone interested in working on their car at home.

Rex K. - 09/22/10
I just want to thank you for the best service I have received from a company in a long long time. We had a project that had to be done yesterday (as usual). I called your company and Joe took excellent care of us. He is a stellar representative of your company. You know when you call a company you get a feeling for how they value customer service. Joe was absolutely fantastic. We had the lift in three days when the shipping was four to six weeks. We started to take the motor and trans out of a Boxster S and realized it was really unsafe to raise it three feet with conventional jacks and jackstands. We were in a bind. I have never dealt with a company representative as accommodating as Joe. Not only did he stay on top of this all the way to delivery, he called to make sure everything was good to go. Please pass this up the food chain so your people know how valuable Joe is to your company. Oh, and by the way the lift is great. I will be convincing my friends to invest in one. Thank You

Stephen M. - 01/05/10
I install equipment for many brands. I recently installed a D7 Lift purchased through Costco/Garage Equipment Supply at a home garage. I was impressed by the quality & value. I will probably be installing some of your other lift models soon.

Tony S. - 07/09/09
I recently purchased a Dannmar 4 post lift. I found it to be of excellent quality and easy to install. I actually installed it on my own!
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Steve S. - 07/07/09
This email is for Gabriel whom I talked to and he was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about the product. I promised him I would send him pictures of the modifications I did to the lifts to move them to the front so I could put them side by side in my garage. Attached are the pictures and the template I created and made the adapter brackets from. I also had to modify the release handle (bend a little) to clear the pump motor after the adapter was installed. They are both up and working just fine! I am the envy of all my buddies.
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Ray B. - 07/01/09
After quite a bit a research I settled on the Danmar MAXJAX lift as being the best choice for my limited ceiling height, and the ability to relocate the posts. After receiving my lift, I had a few small issues and questions. The Danmar customer service experience was exceptional. Not only did they answer my questions, but they went above & beyond in addressing any issues I had with the lift. Between the product and the company, you can't go wrong.

Steve Wallace, NASCAR driver, No. 66 - 06/09/09
My Dannmar four post lift is without a doubt one of the most valued pieces of equipment that I have in my shop. Not only does it make working on my race cars a whole heck of a lot easier, but it comes in handy whenever I need to free up a little floor space too. Plus, it looks really cool and I like showing it off to all my friends!
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Jeremy - 10/23/08
I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for all your help with my garage lift project. Having 2 exotic cars I wanted to make sure that the lift I was going to select would meet all my specific needs. You really took the time to ask all the right questions...how much height, width and depth did I have to accommodate the lift and most importantly you made sure all my questions were answered correctly. The installation crew was on time, courteous and did nice job. Thanks for making this a wonderful experience and I will be sure to send referrals your way.
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Ron P. - 10/21/08
I received my "D7" lift this month (Oct 02) and can only think of one problem - I should have ordered it sooner. I love this thing! Super easy to operate, easy maintenance, and it took an installer just over 3 hours to install it. My customer support person "Tiffany" couldn't have been nicer and more patient with all the per-purchase inquiries I had before finally commiting to purchase. End result is, I am completely satisfied and can recommend this product without reservation. I sent pics to Tiffany to show how great everything looks!
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Anonymous - 09/01/08
If you ever had any concerns about putting your prized car collection up on a lift or parking them under a lift, this should rest your mind at ease. This Southern California collector trusts the Dannmar D-7 four post lift with his extremely high end collection. Great for storage, maintenance and of course showing off to your friends the Dannmar D-7 is rugged, reliable and affordable.
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William H. - 08/21/08
I finally got my dannmar lift... it went together real easy, everything fit like it was suppose to... i had to call the company for a couple of questions during install, but all in all I'm happy with it...

Ted L. - 08/06/08
We recently purchased the D-7 for our home garage and I must say I'm very pleased with how well the installation went. All the peices fit together nicely. I'm also please with how sturdy it feels. We'll definitely consider Dannmar for our next lift purchase.

Michael G. - 07/22/08
Great products, great prices. Simply put.