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Whether you’re a heavy wrencher or collector, Dannmar offers solutions that are perfect for the home garage.

What We Offer

  • Dannmar Commander 7000 Four Post Lift
    Model: Commander 7000
    Formerly called the Dannmar "D-7"

    Dannmar Equipment's most popular lift model, the Commander 7000 Four Post Lift is the must have for any garage or shop owner. It's versatility is unmatched. Whether you need to do some work under the car or simply store your ATVs and other equipment, this auto lift is perfect for you.

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  • Dannmar Commander 7000X Four Post Lift
    Model: Commander 7000X
    Formerly called the Dannmar "D-7X"

    This four post lift is a wider and longer version of the popular Dannmar Commander 7000. This four post lift is also quickly gaining popularity for its flexibility to handle all different kinds of cars and trucks. Find more details by clicking the following link!

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  • Dannmar DO-8 Oil Drain
    Model: DO-8
    Rolling Oil Drain, 8 Gallon Capacity

    Dannmar Oil Drains are a must have in quick lube shops and home hobbyists. This oil drain features a built in screen so that tools and bolts don't travel into the waste receptor. Click the link below to find more information about this very durable oil drain!

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  • Dannmar DAN-2TJA Floor Jacks
    Model: DAN-2TJA
    2-Ton Aluminum Racing Jack

    Dannmar Floor Jacks are built with durability and value in mind. It's billet reinforced aluminum will provide you with quick and light-weight lifting of your vehicles around the shop. This product is a must have in any home garage or automotive shop.

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  • Dannmar Mechanic's Gloves
    Model: Dannmar Mechanic's Gloves

    TThe Dannmar glove offers excellent dexterity and feel which makes it the perfect glove for multiple tasks where a combination of protection and dexterity is a must. Constructed using strong, breathable synthetic leather and durable stretch spandex. 100% washable.

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