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Two Post Lifts

For 2-post automotive lifts, Dannmar is the benchmark for professional shop owners, and home enthusiasts. We've engineered our lifts to exceed the competition when it comes to safety, strength, build quality, as well as having the highest customer satisfaction in the industry.

You can see a Dannmar two-post lift in almost every garage or shop in the USA, or internationally. The lifts we produce are above and beyond top-tier standards; and remain affordable compared to other ALI-certified lifts on the market.

Each two-post lift features powerful dual hydraulic cylinders, and a reliable hydraulic pump assembly. A durable, resistant powder-coated finish and heavy-gauge steel keep the value in your product for years after purchase. Each component designed for long-lasting performance.

Don't just take our word for it, search up Dannmar on the internet and see for yourself, we have hundreds of reviews on third-party websites and forums - as well as the largest distributor-base in the industry; with huge companies carrying our products such as Costco, Home Depot, Advance Auto Parts, Northern Tool, Summit Racing, Menards, and so many more.

Dannmar Inc. is a premiere automotive equipment provider, we have designed a lift for every niche of every-day automotive needs; with more products still on the way. Styles include "clearfloor", "asymmetric", and "floorplate". Please take the time to view each model carefully to find the best two post lift for your application. If you have any questions on the models below, please call us directly at 1-877-432-6627 or use our simple Contact Us form. A sales representative will be happy to help!

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What We Offer

  • Dannmar Brigadier 10CX Two Post Lift
    Model: Brigadier 10CX
    Formerly called the Dannmar "D-10CX"

    ALI / ETL Certified. Powerful, reliable, and safe - that's what goes into each Dannmar Two Post Lift. This model has been designed for automotive repair shops and home garages where applicable. Click the following link for more details!

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  • Dannmar Brigadier 10AC Two Post Lift
    Model: Brigadier 10AC
    Formerly called the Dannmar "D-10AC"

    ALI / ETL Certified. Our asymmetric model is currently gaining much deserved attention. With its affordable price and reliable design, this two post lift is a leading contender in the automotive equipment market. It's posts are rotated 30 degrees to give operators more room to enter and exit the vehicle.

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  • Dannmar Brigadier 10ACX Two Post Lift
    Model: Brigadier 10ACX
    Formerly called the Dannmar "D-10ACX"

    ALI / ETL Certified. This asymmetric two post lift is wider than our standard Brigadier 10AC model. If you need a little more room for your vehicles, look no further than the Dannmar Brigadier 10ACX. Get more bang for your buck, make your next lift purchase a Dannmar.

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  • Dannmar Admiral 9000X Two Post Lift
    Model: Admiral 9000X
    Formerly called the Dannmar "D9-2X"

    Need a floor plate two post lift that's a bit wider? Dannmar Equipment has the two post lift that's right for you. This floor plate model, although wider, has a low-ceiling design which makes it capable of fitting in garages with height restrictions. Please take a moment to view this model's specifications by clicking the link below!

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