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Four Post Lifts

Dannmar four-post lifts are easily the most popular in the industry. Each of our 4-post car lift models are designed with the operator in mind: portable, free-standing, heavy-duty, and perfect for any home garage or professional automotive shop.

For professional shops, Dannmar 4-post car lifts are the industry standard for strength, impeccable build quality, and reliability.

In automotive shops worldwide, Dannmar is the brand of choice - and the reason becomes obvious the first time you use one. User-friendly controls, easy installation, bold color scheme, and a robust toolkit of accessories for making your job easier.

Need more space in your garage? Dannmar 4-post lifts are the most well-known product for home garages as well. Affordable, but don't mistake these vehicle lifts for being cheap. They're engineered with safety in mind, with all of our 4-post models being certified, or are in the process of certification for ALI, the only nationally recognized standard for automotive lifts of all types in the United States of America - so you know they are tested far beyond their rated capacity, as well as numerous other safety checks, in order to provide an outstanding product that will exceed your expectations.

Each four post lift is perfect for storing two vehicles in one place. Purchase the solid deck option and put boxes, ATVs, garden equipment, or anything you want out of the way. Leaving you with more room for those projects you've always wanted to start. With the ability to leave your project or collector cars up for extended periods of time on the safety locks - brag about your showcase, keep the garage tidier, and keep clutter out of the way. With so many solutions and accessories to go along with your 4-post car lift purchase, you will not run into a problem that the lift can't handle.

Please contact our sales department at anytime if you have any questions relating to the products you see below. We can be contacted by using the Contact Us form or simply calling 1-877-432-6627.

What We Offer

  • Dannmar D-7 Four Post Lift
    Model: D-7
    Formerly called the Commander 7000

    Dannmar Equipment's most popular lift model, the D-7 Four Post Lift is the must have for any garage or shop owner. It's versatility is unmatched. Whether you need to do some work under the car or simply store your ATVs and other equipment, this auto lift is perfect for you.

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  • Dannmar D-7/X Four Post Lift
    Model: D-7/X
    Formerly called the Commander 7000X

    This four post lift is a wider and longer version of the popular Dannmar D-7. This four post lift is also quickly gaining popularity for its flexibility to handle all different kinds of cars and trucks. Find more details by clicking the following link!

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  • Dannmar D-12 Four Post Lift
    Model: D-12
    Formerly called the Major D12

    The Dannmar D-12 Series™ is a new breed of uncompromising lifts. With a bold 12,000-pound capacity, this lift is ready to take on all the demanding tasks of a professional shop.

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  • Dannmar Four Post Lift Accessories Four Post Lift Accessories

    The long list of Dannmar Four Post Lift Accessories include: Rolling Bridge Jacks, Caster Kits, Jack Platforms, Plastic Drip Trays, Aluminum Drive Up Ramps, Motorcycle Vises, and Solid Steel Decks.

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