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Car Lifts and Shop Equipment

We carry auto lifts in a variety of categories, including: four post lifts, two post lifts, and specialty lifts. Each vehicle lift was meticulously crafted for rugged durability, meeting the highest quality standards, and safe so that the operator can concentrate more on the work performed and less on the tools used. If you're looking for an affordable automotive lift, check out our four post lift line where you'll find the popular home garage 4-post lifts and heavy-duty 4-post lifts. We also carry shop equipment including oil drains, work benches, transmission jacks and so much more.

Dannmar Equipment is about supplying our customers with the products they need to keep their business running with less downtime. Our automotive service equipment does just that. We're constantly figuring out new ways to give you the tools you need to succeed.

We suuply products for all sectors of the industry - from four post automotive lifts, our renowned scissor lift models, all the way down to the patented MaxJax 2-post lift for home garages. It's the Dannmar way to adapt to anything the industry throws at us and come up with a solution. What makes us different is that we're able to supply you with this incredible equipment at affordable prices. With Dannmar, you get the high-end quality equipment without the high-end price tags.

Dannmar lifts are all tested by the highest authorities in hydraulic lift technology, with most of our lifts being ALI certified, and others that are pending certification. We take pride in knowing that once you buy your first Dannmar product; you will always want to come back for our quality standards and dedication to our customers.

If you have any questions on any of our products or product categories, please call us directly at 1-877-432-6627 or use our simple Contact Us form.

What We Offer

  • Dannmar Four Post Lifts Four-Post Lifts

    Dannmar Four-Post Lifts are among the most popular in the industry. Built to exceed your needs, and your expectations. With our Commander series for home and storage, and our Major Series for your industrial needs - Dannmar has all the bases covered when it comes to your 4-post lift. Check from our full line of lifting accessories to deck out your next automotive hoist.

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  • Dannmar Two Post Lifts Two-Post Lifts

    Dannmar Equipment Two-Post Lifts have become the industry standard for reliabilty and affordability. Check from our line of ALI certified lifts, and the ever-popular patented MaxJax 2-post lifting system.

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  • Dannmar Specialty Lifts Specialty Lifts

    Dannmar Equipment Specialty Lifts offer a great alternative for two and four post lifts. With the Cadet 6000 mid-rise scissor lift, you can elevate your wheels off the ground with this frame-engaging lift: perfect for body and wheel shops. A uniquely portable footprint makes this ideal for your home garage as well.

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  • Shop Equipment Shop Equipment

    Our shop equipment line currently provides you with The Dannmar Tornado™ Set, as well as oil drains, shop presses, and a wide variety of other equipment that will help your shop get things done.

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